Jul. 11th, 2012

cannotcrossdress: [anime] ([hakama] Look to the sky)
[Chizuru had fallen asleep to the sound of waves. She had gotten used to the unsteady rocking that the boat subjected them too for the past several days. It wasn't a long journey, from Osaka to Edo, but it was just long enough to get used to the bouyancy of the water before having to subject yourself to re-acquainting yourself with the durability of hardened soil.

When she'd stepped off the boat, she was light-headed, and her eyes were barely capable of staying open. From all the crying, seeing Yamazaki off to his watery grave, her eyes had nearly swollen shut, and she still had yet to sleep a wink since they said their final farewells. Perhaps she had fainted, and that is why she found herself curled up in a ball on a soft patch of grass. She woke with a start, gasping when she'd realized what (she thought) had happened.]

Oh, no! I'm so sorry! I must've just-- [Chizuru rolled onto her hands and knees frantically, spurting out awkward apologies to pretty much anyone within a listening distace, when she realized that...wait. Since when did the arbor have such lush greenery? Edo wasn't nearly as developed as, say, Osaka, but...the ports at the very least would have...

..but wait. Chizuru froze, holding her breath as she listened. There was no sound of the waves breaking against the rocky shores, or the flapping of canvas as the masts yearned for the wind to catch them. Instead, there was only the soft hum of insects and the occassional chirp of a bird, the gentle rusting of feathers.

Feathers...really close. Chizuru sat back and sighed.]
...did I wander off somewhere? [She looked up at the sky, wincing but also in awe at the brightness of the sun.] ...wasn't it Winter...? For it to be so hot...

[There was that rusting sound again. So close, was it the sound of silk robes brushing against itself?!] Who's there?! [Chizuru cried out in a more panicked voice than she would've liked...but it was then that she realized that...] Oh, no...

[She was alone. Alone and lost, yet again.]


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