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[Chizuru's been spending the majority of her free time this past week folding square pieces of paper, all varying in pattern or color. Little birds lined up beside her as she sat on her bedroom floor in proper seiza style.]

Where I come from, it's said that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes will be granted a long life of prosperity and health, free of injury and illness.

[She sets aside another paper crane, placing it in an orderly fashion beside the others.]

At first, I thought it was because my name meant 'thousand paper cranes' that I've never really been sick--[And that her injuries heal instantly...] But now I think that it's the other way around.

[She flinches, her finger snapping back and flying to her lip as she stops the blood coming from the hair-fine cut the paper's edge gave her. It's more out of habit, pantomiming the long as her tongue didn't prod at the cut and encourage more blood, then it would be gone in a moment.

...and yup. All gone. Give it a few more seconds...gripping her hand into a fist and digging it into the folds of her hakama, she gave her audience an uneasy smile and went back to folding--but more carefully, slower, this time.]

It's also said a crane will grant your wish if you fold all of them. [Slowly sighing through her nose, Chizuru looks up in thought.] Though what to wish for...I'm not really sure.

[Anyway!] Does anyone have this tradition where they come from? Or perhaps some other New Year's traditions of your own?
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It seems to be a pretty regular thing, isn't it? These sudden waves of newcomers.

[Not that Chizuru's done all that great of a job welcoming any of them. But considering the suddenness of appearances and, more importantly, disappearances of people she knows from back home, she's not really sure if she should be the one sticking her neck out in order to see if there's anyone she knows.

Especially since not all of them would necessarily be considered, y'know--allies. Or even cordial acquaintances. Especially with Hijikata looming around half-cocked all the time.]

It never ceases to impress me how quickly even the most isolated of people can adjust to a completely foreign environment. After all, this place isn't the slightest thing like the Japan I remember, but we're all making do, aren't we?

[She folds her arms, tilting her head slightly, and shrugging her shoulders thoughtfully.] Though come to think of it, there has to be something around here that would remind me of there anything here that reminds you of back home? Reversely, what was the hardest thing for you to get used to after showing up in this place?
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[Chizuru seems uncomfortable appearing on the network - and not in the usual "Chizuru being socially awkward" way. Like, in the squirmy, shifty, ants-in-your-pants uncomfortable way. Why can't she seem to sit still?]

I think I need some--I mean, where can I find binding fabric? Bandages tend to work just fine, but typically something a little less stretchy, thicker, stiffer fabric--for binding my breasts down, I mean. [In case it wasn't obvious.]

[She looks up in thought, digressing to an aside.] ...though I guess dressing as a boy isn't entirely necessary here. It's not exactly Kyoto or anything...[Allegedly it's just as dangerous, but Chizuru's yet to see that for herself.]

Ahaha...! [Oops, was she talking to herself?] I dunno, what do you think? I haven't worn girl's clothes in a few years now...I don't even know what'd be considered 'normal' for a girl my age to wear these days? Should I aim for kimono like back home, or should I aim to dress like--well, whatever the "natives" here are...[Hmm. Are there any natives? Everyone dresses so differently here, it's hard to tell who's from where.]

What do you think? Should I just stick with what I know? [Though dressing like a girl...well, she did kind of miss it, but she doesn't want to make her housemates uncomfortable with it.]
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[Chizuru had fallen asleep to the sound of waves. She had gotten used to the unsteady rocking that the boat subjected them too for the past several days. It wasn't a long journey, from Osaka to Edo, but it was just long enough to get used to the bouyancy of the water before having to subject yourself to re-acquainting yourself with the durability of hardened soil.

When she'd stepped off the boat, she was light-headed, and her eyes were barely capable of staying open. From all the crying, seeing Yamazaki off to his watery grave, her eyes had nearly swollen shut, and she still had yet to sleep a wink since they said their final farewells. Perhaps she had fainted, and that is why she found herself curled up in a ball on a soft patch of grass. She woke with a start, gasping when she'd realized what (she thought) had happened.]

Oh, no! I'm so sorry! I must've just-- [Chizuru rolled onto her hands and knees frantically, spurting out awkward apologies to pretty much anyone within a listening distace, when she realized that...wait. Since when did the arbor have such lush greenery? Edo wasn't nearly as developed as, say, Osaka, but...the ports at the very least would have...

..but wait. Chizuru froze, holding her breath as she listened. There was no sound of the waves breaking against the rocky shores, or the flapping of canvas as the masts yearned for the wind to catch them. Instead, there was only the soft hum of insects and the occassional chirp of a bird, the gentle rusting of feathers.

Feathers...really close. Chizuru sat back and sighed.]
...did I wander off somewhere? [She looked up at the sky, wincing but also in awe at the brightness of the sun.] ...wasn't it Winter...? For it to be so hot...

[There was that rusting sound again. So close, was it the sound of silk robes brushing against itself?!] Who's there?! [Chizuru cried out in a more panicked voice than she would've liked...but it was then that she realized that...] Oh, no...

[She was alone. Alone and lost, yet again.]


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