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Sep. 10th, 2017 10:07 am
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☄ First Impressions

♚ VISUAL: Hibiki is known to smile a lot and include energy in all of her movements. She's noticeably shorter than most people (at ~4'11"). Her hair is almost always tied into a single black ponytail.
♚ FASHION: Hibiki prefers to wear stylish clothing, but she doesn't like wearing dresses. She accessorizes a lot; she can almost be found wearing bangles or hoop earings as well as some sort of fashionable hair tie.
♚ DEMEANOUR: Hibiki is 200% energy. If she's smiling, she's smiling brightly. If she's crying, she's sobbing. If she's angry, she's right in someone's face. She doesn't hold back at all. In the manga, people describe her in two ways. As an idol, she shines radiant like the sun. As a person, she seems lonely.
♚ SOUND: OVERMASTER ♦ Hibiki's voice is young and energetic, and she speaks with an Okinawan accent to those that would recognize it.
♚ SCENT: In canon, she smells like her animals sometimes. Without them, she smells flowery or like what she's just been cooking.
♚ MENTAL INFORMATION: She's smart in her own way, and she's stupid in a lot of other ways. That Idiot From Osaka trope applies here, but she's from Okinawa.
♚ MAGICAL INFORMATION: She can talk to animals, who knows why...


♚ FOURTHWALLING: Not in the slightest.
♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Hugs are alright! But she wouldn't like someone groping her or anything.
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: We'll talk about it first.
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: I mean I'm not against it

Stuff and also letters

Sep. 9th, 2017 10:11 am
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So if anyone ends up in Jansen's room after his death here's what they'll find:

In one corner is the weapons he got as regains: Balmung, the bear trap and the morning star. None of them have any signs of use.

In the armoire one can find a very nice suit hanging up. The pink and red mittens are tucked away with all the spare sheets.

On his desk are the crystal ball, the aloe lotion and the charcoal. The aloe lotion has been used a bit, still over half full though. His notebook is there as well and inside it are a few letters he's left. There is also a map of some place drawn and lying on the desk, though it's not marked what sort of place it is but from some of the labels it would be evident it's a ruined town (he made this actually pretty early on to ensure he doesn't forget where he left Ming in Gohtza). Inside one of the drawers is also a cache of snack food he made.

In another corner of the room is some bottles of alcohol he snagged from the wine cellar, though after Tiki's murder, more of these are empty than full now. His bathtub also will reek of booze after that.


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