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IC Contact Post :: AMATOMNES

Please feel free to leave any messages you have for Chizuru here. Please indicate your method of contact in the subject line.
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Letter of the paper variety, left in her apron pocket at work

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I feel kinda weird writing this, and I swear I won't be upset if you don't write back! I mean, I don't really read much, but if you wanted to write something, I'd make an exception... but only if you wanted to. Anyway, so um, how's everything? Like, what've you been up to and all? I hope you're doing okay.

Mostly all I've been doing is working. I don't really mind, though, because it keeps me busy and my boss is awesome. She doesn’t mind that I’m a bloodsucking freak for a few days outta the month, she makes sure to keep juice boxes for me in case it happens at work, AND she even said that if I wanted to go to the temple to keep it from happening at all, she’d go with me. Seriously, like how many bosses out there would outright offer to sleep with their employees to keep them from eating the staff having problems? If it weren’t for the fact that she’s kinda… well, she’s engaged and I’d probably bore her to tears. Might ask her about helping me with finding a new collar partner though. I figure I’ll probably be good this time around and try not to let it go ‘til there’s only like four days left. I mean, there’s how many people here, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find somebody, you know? I’d have to be careful because of the whole moon thing, but oh well! I can do this. I think… Either way, no way in hell am I dying again!

Um… wow, I kinda suck at this writing thing. There’s not really a whole lot to say since I don’t really do all that much outside of work and all. How do you end these things? This is why I don’t write letters to people –I don’t know how to start them, what to put in them, or how to end them. Well, I guess this is good enough?

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Letter of the paper variety, passed off via a native child at her workplace

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We could keep doing this if you wanted to. I don't mind... though, my handwriting kinda sucks and I apologize for that. I don't mind if you write a lot, you can make up for what I don't because I'm not much of a writer. Yeah, though, it does make things easier when it's just words on a page, you know? Hijikata-san's crappy poem things gave me the idea in the first place.

Honestly, I'm kinda wanting it to warm up a bit. Never realized how much being on your own sucks when there's nobody else around. I got kinda used to having someone around... and now it's like, you wake up and there's nothing. I don't like it much. Though... if you want, you're welcome to come over here. I wouldn't mind. I mean, it's kinda why I gave you that key so you could come and go as you want. You don't have to though. It was just a suggestion. I mean, you probably have other places to be and things to do and all.

Don't get yourself sick, and don't take on more work than you can handle, okay? Make Ryuunosuke do something! He sucks at a lot of things, but he can handle shopping and simple things. That's what Serizawa-san had him doing at home. Just don't hit him and you'll be fine.

I don't... really have a whole lot that's for keeping warm. I was kinda hoping this place would be a little warmer so I didn't have to worry about it, you know? But I guess I'll be okay. I don't really know if rasetsu can get sick either, but I'm not too keen on finding out. I mean, I have clothes and all, but other than a few hooded things and some blankets, nothing else is really meant for the cold and some of them are kinda... hole-y? I'll try, though. I promise.

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video + attachment of a map;

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[Really there's not much here to begin with. It looks a bit like the end of a paw, before the face of a kitten sneaks into view, curiously nudging at the camera. There's no word of what this means, or if it was even intentional, before a hand moves to above the kitten's ear to rub the fur there. Nichirin purrs at the attention, eyes sliding shut while not realising it's being recorded.

A few minutes after the video ends, Chizuru will receive a map with an 'X' on it where Motonari is now living. She's free to take that she wants.]
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tucked into her belongings before she left after her last visit

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[Just a simple "box" that opens up to a folded-to-fit letter atop a bunch of tiny yet kind of lopsided (hey, he's not the best at this stuff) origami cherry blossoms, with a little black mirror nestled inside.

The letter reads:]

I know you said you'd been feeling kinda off and that you wanted to see cherry blossoms, so I thought that even if it's a little early still...

I hope you're feeling better, and maybe when the real ones here bloom, we can go see them together.


[And tacked on as an afterthought...]

Oh! I almost forgot! The woman I bought it from told me that the mirror is special and will only show you beautiful things, so if you're ever feeling down, open it and look inside.