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雪村千鶴 (Yukimura Chizuru) ([personal profile] cannotcrossdress) wrote2012-09-19 11:02 am
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[Chizuru seems uncomfortable appearing on the network - and not in the usual "Chizuru being socially awkward" way. Like, in the squirmy, shifty, ants-in-your-pants uncomfortable way. Why can't she seem to sit still?]

I think I need some--I mean, where can I find binding fabric? Bandages tend to work just fine, but typically something a little less stretchy, thicker, stiffer fabric--for binding my breasts down, I mean. [In case it wasn't obvious.]

[She looks up in thought, digressing to an aside.] ...though I guess dressing as a boy isn't entirely necessary here. It's not exactly Kyoto or anything...[Allegedly it's just as dangerous, but Chizuru's yet to see that for herself.]

Ahaha...! [Oops, was she talking to herself?] I dunno, what do you think? I haven't worn girl's clothes in a few years now...I don't even know what'd be considered 'normal' for a girl my age to wear these days? Should I aim for kimono like back home, or should I aim to dress like--well, whatever the "natives" here are...[Hmm. Are there any natives? Everyone dresses so differently here, it's hard to tell who's from where.]

What do you think? Should I just stick with what I know? [Though dressing like a girl...well, she did kind of miss it, but she doesn't want to make her housemates uncomfortable with it.]

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