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IC Contact Post :: LUCETI

Please feel free to leave any messages you have for Chizuru here. Please indicate your method of contact in the subject line.
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[ Hey Chizuru. Are you up early?

Well, regardless of whether or not she is, Souji's gonna be knocking on her door. Here's to hoping that no one else finds him before she opens the door, eep. ]
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[ He gives her a small smile. ]

Do you have a sec?
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[ And he does just that. Except before he says anything, he throws a glance at the door.

close that gurl ]
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I'm fine. [ And it's very implied that he won't take any prying about himself. don't even try!!! ]

I need to ask you something. What year was it before you came here?
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[ ...The fourth. Already?

He never asked Heisuke when he was from or what happened, mostly because it just never came up. But now, with Hijikata so drastically different...

Giving her a wry smile, ]
That's pretty far in the future. [ Especially considering he doesn't even know if he'll be able to live at home for another 3 years ] So you'd probably be able to explain what's up with Hijikata-san, then?
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[ Nods slowly. He'd include the clothes, but he's guessing the outfit came with the hairdo.

Not to mention how old he looks... ]
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Hm. [ Is his only response to that first part. So Hijikata must've gotten his haircut and his wrinkles after the boat to Edo in Keiou 4. That also means he must be from a time further along than at least three of them.

On that note-- ]

No, we haven't gotten around to it. [ As in, they never bothered. ]

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[Sup Chizuru. Are you sick of this whole "the captains all have issues and come interrupt and/or wake me up in the middle of the night to talk about them and/or threaten me depending on the day" thing?

Well I sure hope not! Because here's one now! Knocking on your door because you weren't anywhere else in the house.

Technically it's not the middle of the night, and lucky for you, because what is Hijikata's sleep schedule even. It's after dinner, though, hope she's still awake...?

So, yeah. Knock knock!]
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yes happy birthday

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[Wow, Chizuru. Real smooth. He sort of just blinks at her obvious shock. Not that he can blame her...this is probably the first time he's actually done this, isn't it? But oh well this is important!!

But yes, propriety and such, so he won't be actually entering her room unlike that creeper Souji. Instead, he just pretends nothing about this is weird and asks:]

Do you have a minute?
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[....You know what? He can't do it. He can't just storm into a girl's room like he owns it. Or at least not this one's. That is weird and creepy and not what someone of your rank should be doing Toshizo why are you thinking about this stop.

So, taking her answer as a "yes," he turns to the side, leaving the doorway clear.]

Let's take a walk.

[He's using that we need to talk tone, Chizuru.]
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I'll explain. [He's already checked and double-checked that everyone was out, or otherwise occupied. So hopefully, no interruptions were in order.

He heads to the living room, trusting she'll follow before stopping to look out the window, waiting for her to catch up.]
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[Nothing in particular, he's just avoiding looking at her is all. So he continues looking outside when he speaks.]

I...might have screwed up.
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[He sighs. For a second he wonders, not for the first time, if he should even be talking about this.

Buuut it'd be sort of hard to back out now. So.]

I haven't told anyone about this, but...there's a miko in the village. Hino Rei.

The night I got here, I showed up in her house. Scared her pretty bad, I guess, because--

[Hold on! Sidetrack. This time he turns and actually looks at her, seeming more than a little irritated.] Did you know miko actually have...powers? Some kind of spiritual garbage?

[He isn't the only one who thought they were all a sham, right?]

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